Swiss Valais Blacknose Breed Standard

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Swiss Valais Blacknose Breed Standard

Valais Blacknose Sheep are native to the canton of Valais in Switzerland. There the breed is referred to by its German name, Walliser Schwarznasen ("Valais Blacknose"). It is also often simply called Schwarznasen (Blacknose), or SN for short. Below is a translation of the Swiss Valais Blacknose breed standard from the Oberwalliser Schwarznasen Schafzuchtverband (Upper Valais Sheep Breeders' Association), a.k.a. SN Verband (Blacknose Breeding Asssociation). The original breed standard (in German) can be found on their website here.

Note: Any added or clarifying statements that were not part of the original are denoted in brackets [...]. An additional reference for the breed standard is the Schweizerischer Schafzuchtverband (Swiss Sheep Breeding Association), a.k.a. SSZV, the herdbook (studbook) "umbrella" association for the various Swiss sheep breeds (including Valais Blacknose).

We are grateful to Mr. Richard Zeiter (Judge) and Mr. Daniel Steiner (President) from SN Verband for assistance in clarifying the translation of some items in the breed standard.

Top Rams Widdermarkt 2018

Some of the top Valais Blacknose rams at Widdermarkt 2018 in Visp, Switzerland